How to Build Hype for Your Business

Hype is the euphoria that comes with the anticipation of something new. Whether it’s a new game, app, video, album or whatever else, hype can help attract the attention and sales you need to grow your business.

A hyped-up product or service creates a sense of urgency among consumers, which can prompt them to buy right away or become fans and advocate the brand for others. A marketing campaign that includes media advertising, public relations, direct mail and coupons can create hype before the product even hits shelves, allowing you to build a buzz that will last long after the sale.

The hype you build can be good or bad, depending on how well you execute it. If you do it wrong, your efforts may backfire and drive potential customers away from your brand.

Use a strong, engaging voice that communicates your message effectively and evokes emotion in listeners. This will ensure your hype comes across as genuine and authentic.

Make it a point to engage with your audience frequently and build a relationship with them, whether you’re promoting a music video, an album or anything else. Social media is the best place to start hyping up your content, but you can also interact with your followers through email and text messages.

If you’re promoting a mobile game, consider creating an interactive mobile experience that will get your fans excited for the release of your game. These can include challenges, events and contests that will give them something to look forward to, as well as a chance to win prizes.

You can also promote your games through a variety of other means, such as social media posts or in-game messaging. Be sure to add a call to action that encourages people to download your game and follow you on social media, so they can keep up with the latest news and receive updates on the game as it releases.

Find a niche and focus on delivering a product or service that fills a gap in the market. For example, if you’re selling a cell phone app, consider targeting a niche demographic such as teens or young adults. These audiences are more likely to be interested in mobile apps and will have a higher response rate to your promotional campaigns.

Using humor in your advertising is another key element of hype-building. Laughter is contagious and can create excitement in your target market. Be sure to play up this fact in your ads by including a funny or quirky spokesperson who personifies the kind of humor that your market prefers.

The most common type of hype is the one that focuses on a new product or service. This is often triggered by an advertising campaign that includes a special offer or limited supply of a product.

For example, a new cellphone app might be accompanied by a commercial that features a teenager who demonstrates how the application works, and includes a catchy song that sets the tone for the campaign. This can give the impression that the app will be more popular than the competition’s offerings, which will boost the brand’s sales and popularity in the marketplace.