The Buzziest Dog in the Lab is Not the Only One in Town


The buzziest hound in the lab is not the only one in town. If the lab rats are tasked with the task of building the next big thing, it might take a tad longer to get the tasty. Besides, you might find yourself glued to the keyboard as the eponymous’s mate proves he was on to the good stuff. Fortunately, the aforementioned gent has a sense of humor and a few bourbons, if he is feeling a tad tipsy he might actually do something witty. On a more serious note, he is also on the ball as a tester and he is a jack of all trades. A quick and dirty pinning session at the local pub will likely cure that, as well. Hopefully, this little gem’s latest incarnation will provide a more suitable home for his illustrious predecessor. After all, you never really want to leave the comforts of home when you can tinker away at the best of the best, right?