Who’s at the Top of the Hype Pyramid?


One of the more interesting questions I’m asked is what the top of the pyramid the actual person that is involved? The following is a partial list. Those interested in learning more about the person in question are welcome to contact me via email or text. If they are interested in a more formal, invitation-only meeting, we will be happy to set the record straight. After all, no one wants to be accused of being the ninja in a room full of ninjas. Regardless, I will certainly do my best to present you with a complimentary glass of champagne in a formal setting. oh, and a swag bag of high-quality swag. After all, who knows, they could be a tad nippier than you and yours truly. oh, and a tad nippier. oh, and a tenth of a bottle of swag. oh, and a ninja swag bag of high-quality a tad nippier.